Story time with Trystana #4

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Trystana nodded and kept tapping her foot against the table. “Now that we’re acquainted, would you be so kind as to tell me why I’m stuck here and what the hell you’re talking about?”

Keara took a deep breath and seemed to disappear into a darkness that suddenly came upon them both. From within the darkness, the witch began to speak.

“You’re part of a world I have yet to create. You’re real in a sense, but not truly, not in my universe. Maybe you’re real in another universe, but who knows really? Scientists only have theories, but I like to believe that somewhere out there is a world where you are walking around and kicking ass.” A small pause followed and Trystana could only imagine that Keara was taking a sip of her coffee. “The idea came to me many years ago, to create a world that was similar to mine, but also very different. A world where vampires rule and all kinds of other magical creatures live openly amongst humans. You’re part of that world and a pretty important vampire in the story I want to tell. You’re not the main character, but as soon as you enter the story, the part you will play is going to be very important to the protagonist.”

As Keara talked, speaking of a young woman and her friends and a general overview of what that woman would be going through, Trystana’s thoughts flew all over the place. She wasn’t real? She was a figment of someone’s imagination? How could that be? She felt real enough, could feel her skin beneath her hands, the steel of the table as she leaned her elbows on its surface.

“I’m not real?” she whispered, stopping Keara mid-sentence.

As Keara gasped, the darkness evaporated and they were bathed in candle light again. She saw that the blonde’s eyes were wide with shock and perhaps a tinge of pity in them. Keara leaned forward and grasped her hand. “You’re real to me,” she said and squeezed a little, putting pressure on her hand which Trystana could feel. “And when I finally write the story that I’ve been wanting to for so long, you will be real to other people, too.”

“How can that be? I’m only in your head, magic for you isn’t real, so how will you get me out? By writing a story that isn’t even about me?”

Determination entered Keara’s blue eyes and they seemed to shine with an ethereal light. “Yes,” she said emphatically. “Yes. When I finally sit down to write this book that’s been in my head for so long, you will become real. Maybe not tangible in my world, maybe not even in another universe, but in my mind and the minds of other people you will become real. I will make sure of that.”

Trystana yanked her hand from Keara’s grasp and stood up from the chair, downing the glass of wine in one go before throwing the empty glass against the weirdly soft wall. The glass shattered and embedded itself into the wall and the ground at the same time that Keara cried out and grabbed at her head.

Finally, it dawned on here where she was. “By Selene… We’re in your head even now, aren’t we?”

To be continued…

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