Story time with Trystana #3

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As if just her saying that made it so, the skin on Trystana’s leg stopped shimmering. The horned vampire looked at the witch seated at the table with not apprehension, but approval. “Thank you. I really didn’t like that about my skin.” She ran a hand over the now pale and matte complexion of her leg. “You’ll also have to tell me how you did that.”

The blonde choked back a laugh, which came out as a snort. “There’s still a lot I have to tell you, so how about we start at the beginning?” The woman rested her elbows on the table and wrapped her hands around the steaming mug of coffee. “I don’t really know how to start, though. You might get upset and actually follow through on your threat.”

Trystana poured herself the red and swirled it around in the glass. “Let’s start with you telling me how you’re doing all this. Keeping me locked in here, summoning things from nowhere.” She took a sip of the wine and closed her eyes in bliss; it really was her favorite, the one fermented in oak barrels from her home region so long ago. After she swallowed and opened her eyes, she added, “Wine summoned from Scotland and more than 500 years ago.” She cocked a brow. “Impressive and something I didn’t think was possible.”

The blonde shrugged. “The mind is a powerful thing.” She brought the mug to her lips and blew on the steam before taking a sip.

Trystana’s foot started tapping from impatience, the toe of her shoe making contact with the steel of the table. “Elaborate.”

The blonde started shaking with silent laughter. “By Selene, I’ve missed you, Trys.” Her mouth pulled up at the corner, creating a half-smile on the woman’s face. “I wish Xirina could see this.”

Something, maybe a memory, tugged at Trystana’s thoughts but it was too fleeting to grasp. Instead she asked, “What’s your name?”

The smile on the woman’s face grew bigger and brighter until it lit up the entire room. “You can call me Keara.”

To be continued…

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